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Cradle General Components (SAFETY BRAKE)

Created to guarantee the highest safety use with permissible impact of 200 KN. It has an anti-tilt type mechanism in conjunction with hoist motor operating rope.

OSLER Safety brakes are basic component and one of the most important Suspended Access equipment. It acquires high quality by selection on material, fine production and precise testing process. It is made to ensure the maximum safety use with permissible impact of 30KN. platform. Orientals have two different kinds of safety lock, which are OSLER Anti-tilting and OSLER Anti-fall Arrest.

Key Features and Applications of Safety Brake:

  • Well-designed structure and made by high quality materials
  • Ideal for protection against any falls during work in places of high altitude
  • Manufactured to the latest EN Standards and CE Certified

The OSLER Anti Tilt Safety Brake prevents the steel wire to brake or to avoid the platform tilt up to  3°- 8°, it will automatically and securely lock the steel wire and prevent any person from falling. It has mechanism in conjunction with hoisting rope. OSLER Anti Tilt safety brake holds the safety wire rope automatically if the motor rope loosens or breaks within 2 seconds.


  • Fast, light weight and compact design.
  • Can be used to unlimited working height.
  • This is an easy access to electrical and mechanical components
  • Manual descent in case of power cut off.

Technical Data


Safety Brake

 Unit Weight (Kg)


 Wire Rope Diameter (mm)

8.3 - 8.6

 Load (Kg)

600 - 800


OSLER Anti Fall Arrest Safety Brake will automatically lock the wire rope within 100mm if suspended platform drops by any reasons. It can be operated manually to lock the wire rope when the hoist or motor goes wrong.

Technical Parameters of Safety Brake

Type Pattern  Load capacity permitted    Allowable Impact Force    Fall distance permitted   Tilt angle permitted   Required speed 
 Anti Tilt   Swinging Arm Lock  >1000Kg 30 KN <100mm 3°~8°  
 Anti Fall Arrest   Centrifugal lock >1000Kg 30 KN <100mm   ≥22mm/min