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Cradle General Components (STEEL WIRE ROPE)

Made up of special galvanized steel and rust-resistance. Regularly inspected for deformation and breakage.

Our wire rope is specially developed for the security, resistance and easy maintenance. It is tested and certified in accordance to BS EN 12385 – 4: 2002.

It is special galvanized steel rope and used with our entire OSLER Hoist.


 Technical Specifications

 Diameter (Nominal)

8.3 mm

 Strands Constructions

  4 x 31 SW + FC

 Nominal Anti-Pull Intensity (MPa)


 Breaking Load of Wire Rope (KN)


 Anti-Pull Intensity (MPa)


 Quality of Galvanized (g/m2)

> 15


Our steel Wire rope is either unwound on a turntable or if the reel is mounted on the shaft supported by two jacks. Steel Wire Rope cut by Hydraulics or Mechanical cutters, having specified standard length or customers require length. Hand cutters are sufficient until 8mm rope diameters.

Further, we do regular maintenance to increase service life of Steel Wire Rope.