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Monorail Systems


An Aluminium track complete with single or double suspension trolleys.

OSLER Monorail System is a combination of movable suspension trolley and monorail system. OSLER Monorail System is permanently installed on a buildings and construction sites where labours, maintenance workers or façade cleaners used the system to meet better job satisfaction.


OSLER Monorail System consists of an Aluminium track complete with either single or double suspension trolleys.


The OSLER Horizontal Face Mounted Monorail is very flexible that can be applied to any application. OSLER Horizontal Face Mounted Monorail is basically fixed at the top of the facades.
Company offers aesthetical satisfying solutions to match to any building architecture.


OSLER Climbing Monorail System can be fixed at any angle of incline. OSLER Climbing Monorail Trolley offers in a slope and can be fixed to an incline of any angle. It can deal with horizontal twists and curves to match even the most demanding architecture.