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Fall Protection System

System developed competitive concepts base on engineering knowledge in a field of access and height safety equipment which come from our international partner FALLPROTEC.

The Securail system is design to permanently install either on a roof, horizontal or inclined structures like buildings and towers where workers are expose in danger of falling while working on high rise buildings.

Securail is a rigid rail fall arrest and fall restraint solution where wire based options is not suitable.

Securail trolleys are available in both horizontal and vertical devices. The VIA4 Trolley locks onto the Securail profile to arrest a users fall when cialis sans ordonnance installed in a vertical position.

The SecuRope lifeline system integrates two energy absorbing devices which limits structural loads to 10 KN in the event of a fall. These absorbing devices allow the system to be mounted on relatively delicates structures.

The SecuRope lifeline is specifically designed to protect one (1) to four (4) workers attached simultaneously to the same line. Each worker needs to be fitted with a full body harness and a lanyard with a suitable energy absorber; the workers connect themselves on the lifeline via a glider which can move along the line.

The SecuRope lifeline has been tested according to BS EN 795 class C. Conformity to this standard was checked by the notify body APAVE.