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Perfect solution for sites where water and power supply are available.

The Quattro™ is the best point of use system for a wide variety of Window, Solar Panel and Hard Surface exterior cleaning applications. A tough, compact design and ease of use makes Quattro™ a finest choice for work in any area where water, electricity or generator is http://www.viagrabelgiquefr.com/ available.

Quattro™ use to access remote parts of modern buildings such as court-yards and roof tops for atrium cleaning. Onsite building maintenance team use Quattro™ for in-house window and façade cleaning duties as well as spot-free car washing.

The Standard Quattro™ works from water pressure alone (min 60psi), and is suitable for a single operator to use at lower levels. Quattro™ high pressure capabilities produce good supply of pure water ready for use no matter what the local water pressure is. It is especially useful for a mobile system as main water pressure may vary greatly from one area to another.

The QuattRO™ Electric uses a 240V or 110V pump to boost the water pressure, and can be used to clean up to 80ft for a single operator or lower heights for multiple operators.

The Quattro 'S' model is designed for high performance in the World’s most demanding environments. Plastic filter housings may be prone UV degradation and to failure in temperatures above 30ºC. The Quattro ‘S’ model features high-pressure stainless steel filter housings that can withstand temperatures in direct sunlight of up to 50ºC since the pressure is boosted even further. Quattro ‘S’ can be used by several operators up to 80ft.