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Libro 350 (350kg x 1m) & Libro 500 (500kg x 1.5m)

Triumph deep overhangs with its extension arm.

For high leve installation work where an overhang prevents cranes from lowering their load flush with the envelope, an overhang beam provides an ingenious way of overcoming the problem. The new dual circuit Libro 350 and Libro 500 update standard overhang beam design, offering a compact frame with further reach from suspension point to pad extension that allows glazing under overhangs with a maximum deptg of 1750mm.


  • Provides access to overhangs of depth 1500mm with optional expansion to 1750mm dependent on capacity
  • Vacuum gauge for each circuit
  • Manual +/-90° lockable rotation
  • Manual tilting from vertical to horizontal in 15° increments
  • Remotely controlled, low voltage, electrically-driven conterweight saddle
  • Saddle overrun stop switches acheter du cialis en ligne for safety, operates in both forward and reverse directions
  • On-board maintenance-free vacuum pump powered by 12v battery with integral charger or 110v/240v mains
  • Dual vacuum reserve tanks
  • Audio-visual low vacuum alert

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