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Established in 2004, Orientals® Group has become a leading force in the Middle Eastern construction industry. With a diversified portfolio, Orientals® Group companies offer a wide range of solutions, from steel and wood works to access equipment, facade maintenance, and energy products. Orientals® Group is also well known for their speciality in cranes and the manufacturing of diverse and agile lifting equipment.

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Boasting a strong presence in the Middle East, Orientals® Group in an umbrella to an elite consortium of equipment manufacturers and professional service providers. 

Orientals® Group companies each has a proven track record of successfully delivering excellent solutions to complex projects, which has significantly pushed the boundaries and limitations for architects and contractors allowing them to indulge in their creativity and build imaginative structures!

Global Partnerships,

Diversified Solutions!

Throughout the years, Orientals® Group has brought many international brands specialized in Lifting, Building Maintenance, and Access solutions to the Middle East market including:

GGR Group

Glass Vacuum Lifters
Light Aluminium Cranes
UNIC Cranes
Compact Mini Cranes
SÁEZ Cranes
Tower Cranes
TCA Lifting
Aerial Platforms
Mast Climbers
Tower Cranes
UNIC Truck-Mounted Cranes
Truck-mounted Cranes
Fall Protection and Height Safety Equipment
Solar Panels Cleaning Robots
FBA Gomyl
World-Class Building Maintainance Units

Comprehensive solutions covering your
most complex requirements.

Orientals® Group has developed rapidly to become one of the regions’ premium manufacturers and suppliers in the fields of Lifting and Access solutions. Our main goal is to provide effective and comprehensive solutions for every project regardless of requirements or complexity.

Maintenance Units

We manufacture facade access equipment for the world’s most extraordinary buildings. Our diverse range of fully customized BMUs are designed to meet a broad spectrum of architectural requirements and built with strict adherence to international standards like EN1808 and others.


Our range of lightweight vertical access platforms and and scissor lifts can satisfy most indoor access needs, offering working heights of up to 14m. Our Access Solutions are ideally suited for anything from warehouse maintenance to steel erection, indoor or outdoor.

Cradles and
Hanging Systems

Orientals® has invested heavily into research and development to produce a diverse range of Cradles built to meet requirements and budgets. The OSLER® range of Hanging Solutions is known for its adaptability and sturdiness, and will continue to evolve and improve to serve you better. 

Material Lifting

Orientals have been specialized since its beginning in producing, selling, and renting material lifting winches to serve special needs of light lifting requirements. Orientals ability to design and produce special requirements has been the key to many innovative lifting solutions in the construction industry.


We offer a variety of specialist lifting equipment and glazing robots for complex projects. Our lightweight, compact, and easily maneuverable manual floor cranes and mast lifters can be used for lifting up to 7m in height, making light work of installations; what needed six people can now be done by two people with ease.


Spider Cranes are the latest in cutting-edge lifting technology. Our smallest models are compact enough to fit through a standard single doorway, with a lifting capacity up to 2.9 Tonnes, and our larger models can fit through a standard double doorways and can provide up to 10 tonnes of lifting capacity with ease.

Building Maintenance

We offer a wide range of Facade Refurbishment services. Our services are also including preventive inspection works in order to make early detection of water leakage and to detect structural problems due to previously poorly performed workmanship. Façade repairs is our specialities, including cladding, glass, paint or precast, we have the expertise to renovate it and give it a new look.

Generators and Energy Solutions

For quality assured generators, we have you covered! We offer a wide range of advanced and innovative generators that are compact, powerful, and reliable. Our generators feature modular controls for a user-friendly interface. They are also subjected to rigorous factory testing to ensure safety, stability, and reliability. Our generators are economical and have long service lives, with base fuel tanks that can run for up to 10 hours.

Vacuum Lifting Solutions

Vacuum lifting technology allows users to safely and securely maneuver and accurately position glass panels or any other material with a smooth non-porous surface. Our range of lifters has a capacity from 320kg to 4000kg safe working load with the versatility to be used with any standard lifting equipment. Vacuum Lifters provide one of the safest, most efficient solutions for use with the most delicate of materials.

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